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Updated: Jul 6

The events of recent months have supercharged our 24/7 digestion of bad news and negativity. While this has been understandably necessary, it’s now veering towards indigestion. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely craving something brighter and more flavoursome.

As soon as I started thinking about where to get this, I realised that few places are untainted by 'real-life'. For me, the place that never lets me down has always been music. During the lockdown, though I've taken that enjoyment further through different forms of culture. The spoken word, comedy, audio-books and art are thriving, and I've come to appreciate how colourful, funny, warm, and culturally enriching our society can be when we give it chance. I was thinking about this a lot, when it occurred to me that there are other people who think like me, and wouldn’t it be good to be able to do something together, for whoever needs it?

Radio Positive

It only takes a shimmy of imagination to go from thinking about music, chat, discussion, comedy and culture involving lots of people, to come up with the idea of project:Radio.

Fortunately, I didn't give myself a chance to think about this for too long and have just bloody well gone and done it!

project:Radio is now on (and staying on) the menu.

Introducing (drum roll, please) project:Radio

Launching on Thursday 9th July, project:Radio will dish up a gourmet buffet of 'something for everyone' favourites; music, arts and entertainment and chat. The station brief is simple, if it can make someone feel happier, just for a few minutes, it’s in.

Community radio without anything to say

project:Radio, is itself equally naive, having no political or any other agenda. It's a safe space for anyone who wants to be entertained, have fun, and just to breath.

The material will be a mixture of pre-prepared shows and presenter-led sessions that follows the same schedule every week, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Night owls can enjoy eclectic sounds from the project:Radio Jukebox right through until breakfast.

Of course, this takes a lot of input, and I've been chuffed to bits at how quickly and how positively people have come forwards with ideas, input, encouragement and practical help. Having said that, we're open to new ideas and new content suggestions, happy to have a conversation with anyone who wants to get involved.

Together, we’ve got it together, will keep it together, and it’s going to be loads of fun.

project:Radio is an online radio station which means that you get to listen on your phone or any other internet-enabled device. Free Android and Apple apps are in their respective stores, or you can follow these links and download straight away:



Amazon’s Alexa will also help you find it according to what piece of kit you’re listening on.

Or, you could just listen straight from the project:Radio website:


Drop me a line if you’re interested in bringing something to the party.

Tune in on Thursday 9th July if all you want to do is party.



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